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Asset Management

We can guide you through value-creating investments across diverse asset types—tertiary or mixed residential real estate, commercial properties, whether they be entire buildings or condominium units. Our expertise and know-how in these asset classes enable us to build a high-quality, long-term portfolio, considering all the transformations impacting this extensive sector, such as emerging consumption and work patterns, environmental considerations, and other forward-thinking subjects.

Within the ambit of value-added strategies, we oversee value enhancement works, be it renovating an apartment, consolidating condominium units into an independent building, or restructuring office buildings, enlisting the services of top specialists—architects, execution project managers, and construction economists—to ensure the successful execution of these endeavors.

Furthermore, we supervise all service providers—property administrators, marketers, lawyers, accountants, and more—to be your sole point of contact, providing concise information and precise measurement of your portfolio's performance throughout its ownership. Aligning interests lies at the core of our operations, with compensation indexed to the performance of the operations.

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